About Me

Hey there! I’m Yannick, owner of YavaJapan. My journey to Japan started like every French kid, back in the ’90s with anime. Those afternoons spent glued to the TV were my first step into a world I’d eventually call home.

I’ve lived in a bunch of places – Finland, the UK, Barcelona. And in early 2019, I moved to Japan, where I live since then. But if you count a year as an exchange student in Osaka in 2012 and a 6-month internship in Tokyo in 2014, I’ve been living here for seven years.

My interest in Japan has always been more than just a passing fancy. It’s actually been my work for the last five years. I’ve been in the thick of the Japan travel industry, working with different companies, helping hundreds of thousands of travelers find awesome things to do here. We’re talking thousands of activities – I’ve pretty much seen it all.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know Japan travel inside out. On YavaJapan, you’ll get more than just the usual tourist stuff. I’m here to give you the insider tips, secret insights, and the why behind them.

What are the most-selling things to do in Tokyo? I know.

How is Japan trying to promote their countryside and where are the best places to go? I know.

What are the best websites to find cheap hotels, tickets, transportation? I know.

How can tourists book high-end restaurants that only speak Japanese? I know.

What are the best nightclubs in Tokyo, or how to deal with food allergy while traveling in Japan? I also know.

So whether it’s your first trip to Japan or you’re coming back for more, I’ve got you covered. We’re going to explore Japan together, from the big must-sees to those hidden gems only a few know about.

So, let’s get started, shall we? Japan’s waiting and there’s so much to see.